What’s a Cloud-Based Point of Sale System? Why Does It Matter?

Whether you are a small chain restaurant with just a few places or a large quick service eatery with thousands of franchisees, using a reliable and agile point of sale system in place can make a massive difference.

Not only does a fantastic point of sale system keep track of orders, inventory and money, it needs to have the ability to grow with your organization, adapting to recently emerging technologies and clientele preferences, ibm, Microsoft, Amazon and Google all offer business cloud solutions

This company called edi is a service provider that offers modules that can be implemented as standalone solutions or be fully integrated with your current ERP, CRM or other systems.

Technology is continually evolving and changing, meaning that which may have worked years past is probably gathering dust on a shelf now. By way of instance, nobody uses a manual credit card imprinter anymore. Instead, these companies are relying on automatic transfers of cash from several accounts for their restaurants and stores.


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The future is now, and it includes many different exciting opportunities for fast service and fast casual restaurants to benefit from. Including getting the most from your point of sale software and systems. By utilizing the huge energy of the cloud, your company can do much more than it might only a couple of years back. Whether it’s creating a loyalty program to your best clients, executing online ordering or incorporating social marketing solutions, selecting the most appropriate POS system can help your restaurant serve clients more efficiently while keeping better track of how your company is doing.

A Modern Approach to Restaurant Transactions

Traditional (or heritage ) POS systems have ruled the roost for several decades, but their lack of agility makes it hard for restaurant owners and managers to keep pace with what their clients want and need. Legacy systems often store info on site, usually on a server concealed in a backroom of the restaurant. When changes need to be made, someone with administrative access in the restaurant has to be in the construction and logged in.

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Legacy POS systems also have difficulty with data access, mainly as they’re confined to the storage that a restaurant has on its own internal systems. They may be tricky to keep, costly to update and repair and might require middleware to assist the systems integrate with the most recent software. Upgrades likely need an IT professional to generate a trip out to the place to set up new equipment and applications, taking the system offline and reducing productivity.

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But in precisely the exact same way the iPod revolutionized how people listen to music, new technology is offering restaurant owners a different way to control inventory, store information and help clients get the most out of their experience. Cloud-based POS applications, which can run on many POS hardware, provides owners and managers the luxury of changing menus, looking over reports and making other modifications from anywhere in the world. This is because the information is stored in big data centers and could be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Businesses like restaurants should also invest in colocation for a secure server. You may visit Venyu’s homepage to get all the details.

By taking their company to the cloud, restaurant owners are able to align their brands with achievement by encouraging additional conveniences for their customers through integration. Including popular offerings such as curbside takeout, customer loyalty programs, online ordering, text message ordering, in-store tablets, kiosk ordering, line breaking and cover at table. The cloud is also a safe and secure means of storing customer information because sensitive data is not being held on-site.


Lightning Quick Results from the Cloud

Millennial’s are now the biggest generation living in America and will soon have a bigger amount of disposable earnings. In accordance with Inc.. , millennials are more likely to eat out at restaurants compared to older generations and are a lot more inclined to anticipate technology as part of the restaurant experience. Where it had been difficult and costly to incorporate new client offerings and loyalty programs to a traditional POS system, part of the allure of cloud-based POS software for restaurants is its simplicity of use.

Whether it’s using tableside tablet pay options, line breaking tablets during peak client hours, mobile and text ordering or loyalty programs, each choice can be quickly implemented across all terminals because they’re all connected through the cloud. New installations and software updates are also a snap since they’re automatically handled on each machine. By making the system simpler to use and automating certain elements, it takes little to no effort from restaurant owners, managers or other IT employees. This implies business owners can spend less time worrying about how their system works and concentrate more on delighting customers and generating revenue.





Cloud-based POS systems are not only an attractive alternative to restauranteurs due to their ease of use and hands-off approach to upgrades. Unlike legacy POS systems, which are often expensive to prepare and maintain, cloud-based systems follow a “software as a service,” or SaaS, version of possession. What this signifies is that companies can implement the software fast throughout their places without paying a licensing fee upfront and may anticipate lower maintenance costs over time. SaaS also supplies a standardized and predictable monthly invoice that could easily be budgeted to a monthly spending plan.

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Meeting Changing Demands

According to the National Restaurant Association (NRA), 46 percent of all smartphone users use their telephone to order food for takeout or delivery. The easiest and best way for each and every restaurant to grow its client base is to create loyal fans who will share their positive experiences and find new and innovative ways to pleasure them daily. ConnectPOS can accommodate several customer information points, including purchasing habits, birthdays, order histories and other contact info.

Restaurants have more ways than ever to stay in touch with clients and remain in front of them. By creating and curating custom loyalty programs, retailers can send clients promotions and special offers by text or email, monitor their purchases with time and reward them each time they make a purchase, check out a place or get enough points.

Ready to discover more? Check out our Restaurant Point of Sale Solutions Guide below, and start your journey to better restaurant management now!


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