4 Things Small Businesses Need to Do at the moment on Facebook

Small companies and social media make today’s world go’round. If you are a small company and you are not yet on Facebook, you should not feel like you’re behind. In actuality, you should be super excited right now because the chance that lies before you is enormous. Facebook users are almost 3 times the population of the United States using its 802 million daily active users. It has become so ingrained in the everyday habits of individuals’ lives that 30% of Americans now get their news from Facebook as opposed to an actual news organization. And when it comes to small companies, Facebook lately announced that they have 30 million small businesses with active Facebook Pages. No matter how many complaints Facebook gets, it is here to stay- and it is strong. As a small company, here are 4 things you will need to do right now with this social networking platform. And for the ones that dodge technology like actors avoid carbs, I guarantee you, it is far more painless and simple than you think.





1. ) Stop creeping on individuals and make a Facebook page

It is okay. I creep too. However, to get the ball rolling, you have to create a Facebook page right now. If that means leaving our amazing blog for a little, by all means leave. For those who haven’t left yet, permit me to convince you of why ALL small businesses need a Facebook page. First, it enables you to reach your clients every. single. day.  and informs them that you exist. It is not every day that I will see my favorite hair salon but when I always see updates on the stunning hairstyles they have recently created, I will be more inclined to go there next time I need a touch up. Haven’t convinced you yet? All right, well the next explanation is that Facebook can help you become an authority in your area. With the hair salon that I follow, if they are teaching me tricks about how best to stop bed head, they have my attention. They are also implanting in my mind the notion that they are the ace of hair. I don’t know about you, but for me, when I search for a shop or brand on Facebook and they are not there, I often wonder how valid they are. From the social media driven world we live in, it’s become which crucial for small businesses to have a Facebook page.

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2. ) Be available on mobiles searches- your next client is (literally) around the corner

Now that you have a Facebook page (I hope!) , you will need to always make sure that your Facebook Business Page is available and current on mobile. The very best way to reach people close to your shop is by being visible on mobile. Not convinced?  95% of smartphone users search for information on their local surroundings and 77% really contact the company that came up in their hunt. In the long run, 59% see the shop they they they landed in their hunt. 59% may translate into a massive number of customers if you reside in a densely populated region.  Only once they are in your shop, are you able to do your thing and make some sales. When you update your FB page online, it will not look the same on a mobile device so make sure it looks great in mobile format. If you would like to be SUPER efficient in your mobile Facebook page, it is best to download this”Pages Manager” app that lets you manage your FB page onto your mobile: you can react to comments, check page action, and even see your own insights. Locate it here on the iTunes App Store, and here on the Google Play store.





3. Post according to the”Rule of Thirds”

You’ve got your desktop page. You’ve got your mobile page. However, what do you post? I want to introduce just a little something I call”the rule of thirds.”  Okay, okay, I am not the person who came up with it but I agree with the premise behind it. You post 1/3 information on your product, meaning details about your product offerings and information that increases the awareness of your brand. It may be photos of your goods or snippets about your company. You then post another 1/3 of suggestions and content your clients would love to read without hard-selling your own products. By way of instance, if you’re a hire salon, you may want to post content on which products to use for you untamable bed head (as you can tell, I have bed head problems!) . Once clients think of you as an authoritative voice, giving them advice, they will come and purchase your products. The previous 1/3 is the best: fun content! Post things your customers will discover funny. This will keep them engaged and more likely to return to a Facebook page, and therefore your shop. Needless to say, it helps if the material is related to your initial business. Do not post a joke about pets if you are a wine company (unless your pet is drinking wine).  

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4. ) Small businesses will need to comprehend the different kinds of Facebook Ads and when to use them 

Your webpage is up and running and you’ve got great content. Now, you’re ready to market like the big boys. Learn about the many forms of Facebook advertisements before choosing which one to use (and spending the money on buying them).

First, there is the Marketplace Ad.  They are found on the right of your News Feed (see on right). The cool thing about these ads is that you can target them to a particular kind of audience: sex, age, location, demographic, specific interest. That is why you always see advertisements offering to hook you up with an eligible bachelor (or bachelorette) each time you become”single” on Facebook.








Next up are Sponsored Stories.  As customers, we are more inclined to use a product if our friends have used it (even if they’re just”Facebook friends”).  Sponsored Stories does exactly that: They just appear on your news feed if your friends on Facebook have”liked” them, commented about their products, added a photograph in their Facebook page, wrote a review, or participated with them in different ways.

Now fulfill Page Post Ads.  These are those that appear right in your newsfeed, getting in the way of additional important information like what my classmate from middle school- that I have not spoken to in years- ate for lunch. While the Marketplace Ad simply allows a 99px X 72px picture, the Page Post Ad enables link, and other kinds of content.