5 Characteristics Pet Store Owners Need to search for When Changing to a Modern POS

Your passion for animals goes as far back as your youth memories of when you confided secrets on your furry, fluffy, feathered, (and possibly scaley!) Friends… but it sure did not stop there. Instead, you, the pet shop owner, opened your company to help pets and pet owners on a far larger scale. But with technology changing each year, client’s tastes shifting every other day, and all of the speedbumps of any small business owner, how are you supposed to devote the time required to pick the ideal point-of-sale (POS) system? Fortunately, we have your covered. Below, we have produced a list of 5 most fundamental modern POS features pet shop owners will need to search for in order to make their life easier.






1. ) Be Modern, Be Mobile, and reside from the Cloud

In addition to the”cool factor” of assessing your client (and their pets!) Out on a contemporary pos that runs on a slick iPad, switching into a cloud-based tablet provides you the freedom and security to create your client’s experience an enjoyable one! With a modern POS such as Bindo’s, you can save your information on the cloud, access it from anywhere inside or outside of your shop (yes, at home too), and even ring up customer purchases directly from the comfort of the aisle. By way of instance, if the consumer is purchasing a humongous dog bed close to the exit, you can check them out there without them needing to come all of the way back into the check-out counter (if it is thaaat far). When shopping in-store having an abysmal poodle, the last thing a customer wants is a lengthy check-out line — why not reevaluate unnecessary wait times using a modern POS such as Bindo?

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2. ) Comprehensively Manage Your Inventory

Whether you will need to keep track of doggie snacks, pony shampoo, kitty litter, hamster wheels, or iguana leashes (oh yes, they exist), tabulating your stock by hand at the end of every day is the absolute most wasteful way to spend your (and your workers’) time. A newer, more modern POS such as Bindo isn’t only able to automatically upgrade your inventory and sales information, but it is going to permit you to access real-time inventory reports and notify you if a specific product (such as the ever so common kitty, Meow Mix) is running low. Does your shop have a high number of products? No issue, unlike other less contemporary POS suppliers, Bindo is capable of managing millions of SKUs. You may even place multiple orders to your pet-product providers all from the ease of Bindo’s POS.






3. Simple Setup and Reliable Service

Although running your pet shop has become more and more complicated given the amount of technology and competition out there, the solution itself can be as straightforward as plug-in, create an account, and go — that will surely give you an advantage over competitors. If a part of the appeal of changing to a modern POS system is the time it saves you, spending a great deal of time setting up your system just doesn’t make sense. Look not just for an intuitive interface, but to get a useful and, most of all, accessible service reps who can help you throughout the installation procedure. Look on their site: Do they provide 24/7 service? Do they have a support line that you call? Surprisingly, some POS businesses don’t even have a number to call. From installation to SKU integration, pick a POS provider who is there every step of the way, through email, telephone, text, Google Hangouts, Skype, etc.

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4. Modern POS Systems Use Rich CRM Options and Data Reports

Pet-owners can be a real finicky bunch. Today they enjoy organic Norwegian salmon-based snacks for their precious four-legged pal, tomorrow they need gluten-free dog snacks. Many contemporary POS systems such as Bindo’s can produce customizable data reports that enable you to filter by leading vendor, highest rated, most profitable, or even regular buyers. Now that you have the information, you need a way to incorporate all that information in your company. Do this with an extensive Loyalty Program like the one Bindo offers where you can reward your regular buyers with in-store credit, create sales on popular items, create custom gift and/or loyalty cards, and create long-lasting relationships with happy clients and their pets.





5. ) Handle Commerce on All Channels

Some pet owners are changing from the traditional in-store encounter to pampering their pals with items purchased online in their computers or even from their mobile devices. Things like giant fish tanks or enormous kitty playgrounds are sometimes just too big for your customers to take home. Sometimes your clients might look to pick up some aquarium resin to give color to it, but need to be certain that you have it in stock and let them know some basic Tips For Using Resin For Your Aquarium. Using a modern POS system, they could can order it via their mobile devices ahead and pick it up from your shop before heading home. Despite the fact that your in-store experiences with clients and their pets are extremely important, you still need to have an online presence. Bindo’s modern POS system is the only one on the marketplace which will aggregate your products and service listings on the cloud, and need just one click to create everything accessible on the net, on mobile, and, of course, in-store!

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Your love for animals, like your organization, has and will continue to grow — pick a modern POS system like Bindo’s that will go where you go and grow as you grow.