Product Portfolio Expansion: Why Updating Your Portfolio Topics

The condition of your product portfolio and efficiency of your supply chain are intimately connected. Your supply chain is the process whereby you produce, store, and promote your company’s products. If your chain isn’t transparent, optimized, and capable of being scaled, your bottom line will not be where it ought to.

It is vital for all companies to reassess and update their product portfolios continuously to maintain their supply chains running at their peak.

By enhancing your operational procedures at each level, you can optimize your system’s output. You will ensure your portfolio comprises products that promote your enterprise’s sustainability and growth.

Product Portfolio Q&A

Q: Where Can I Begin Updating My Product Portfolio?

A: The first step to refreshing your product portfolio and streamlining your supply chain would be to determine the strategic value of each product you sell. Your unique products should garner enough demand and gain to make them sustainable additions to your portfolio.

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If some of your products are not working as hard as they need to for your company, consider adjusting themremoving themor substituting them with better-performing alternatives. At no point do you need to sit with dead stock you can’t move, that ends up costing you money.

A product’s basic financial worth does not paint a complete picture of just how much value it’s ready to grow your operations. In addition, you must consider what your products do for your brand, and if they work towards keeping your good standing among your clients. Change or scrap products which don’t bring in earnings or improve your brand in favor of strategically chosen items.

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When appraising all the products in your portfolio, you will need to recall their complete profitability cycles. Begin with gross profit margins, compare costs with sale prices, and look over your portfolio’s net margins to estimate where you are able to make improvements.  Your upgraded product portfolio should consist of products that maximize your gains at each stage of the supply chain.

Q: Could Updating My Portfolio Reduce Supply Chain-Related Costs?

A: How all your products moves across the supply chain is a vital element in how many provide chain-related costs your company faces. Assess any items in your existing product portfolio that require too much time or cash from the supply chain and consider removing them.

To optimize your product portfolio, assess the procedure from start to finish to acquire a comprehensive picture of your supply chain. Take particular note of manufacturing bottlenecks and other problems that might result in delays, in addition to unnecessary stages that waste valuable time, and cost your business cash.

As a general rule, the more your supply chain process takes, the longer it will affect your profit margins. Every step along the way costs money, so the fewer steps, the more rewarding the outcome will be.

Your company needs transparency in each link of your supply chain to ensure consistent performance, and also to earn your providers and shoppers confidence. The more transparent your string, the easier it’ll be to track its efficacy and make changes.

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Q: Should Client Experience Play a Part in Streamlining The Chain?

A: Yes! Analyze every item on your product portfolio to make sure it provides customers enough value to keep them coming back.

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When you made your first  business plan, you must have included market and competitor research that highlighted which products would sell well, and why.  When assessing your portfolio you’ll be able to conduct similar research, only this time you want to pay attention to your clients’ current desires and requirements.

Approach your customer service department and evaluate compliments, questions, and complaints to learn which products you will need to upgrade or remove. You might want to scrap any things that bring regular poor reviews in favor of products that better meet the needs of your customer base. They are the ones generating your main revenue stream, after all.

Q: What Is the Very Best Way To Enhance My Internal Systems With My Supply Chain?

A: there are lots of ways to approach integrating your product portfolio and internal systems with your supply chain. You should equipment every part of your company towards maintaining that series running smoothly. If you incorporate these systems correctly, your operations will benefit.

Modern mobile technology can go a long way in enhancing and simplifying this integration procedure.  Cloud-based systems such as Revel permit you to enhance your customer experience, diversify your revenue streams, and scale your company with renewed ease.

You can automate these tasks, together with many others like record completion and data entry, on smartphones and tablets. This lets you make product portfolio updates and manage inventory from anywhere in the world.

In summary, automating your supply chain management protocols will let you develop a system that’s more clear and efficient.  Using technology to automate your processes is first prize, as it eliminates elements of human error, while generating detailed logs of actions taken so that you may learn and strategize as you grow.

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Final Thoughts

Smart product portfolio management is the key to streamlining your company’s supply chain and ensuring profit margins are at a premium. Intuitive POS systems like Revel can help make your enterprise profitable and sustainable.

Revel’s innovative approach enables businesses to take care of transactions, manage inventory, and improve customer loyalty amounts. The platform expands online ordering options, provides flexible embedded payment procedures, and provides strong ROI and fantastic scalability. Its easy integration and mobile functionality result in comprehensive operations and portfolio management, regardless of your size or business.

If you want to find out more about this pioneering iPad POS system and what it can do for your company, contact Revel for details. Successful product portfolio and supply chain management has never been easier.

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