Managing a Local Web Presence from an iPhone

I am used to sending and receiving email directly on my iPhone. I don’t want my laptop to react to someone. In actuality, I sometimes go the majority of the day without using my laptop in any capacity.

But what about electronic marketing actions? Is it possible to go without a notebook or desktop computer and correctly manage a neighborhood online presence? The response, I have found, is yes. With a few alterations to how you normally handle your companies local internet presence and its regional SEO, its possible to do everything from your iPhone.

There are numerous main sites and tasks that assist with this. It generally involves three components: your site, your regional business listings, and your social media presence.

Your Website

Assuming that you’re site is mobile friendly, which makes upgrades to it from an iPhone should be a snap. For those who have a WordPress blog attached to your website, you can log in to the admin panel and make changes using your iPhone because WordPress is mobile friendly. You would likely require a desktop or notebook to generate design changes, but upgrading the content on webpages or adding a blog post is typically simple. If you too are looking for ways to optimize your phone, see here the plans available at Circles.Life mobile.

The main page of WordPress’s mobile-friendly admin interface. Clicking on the plus button is where you can add or change a blog post, upload a picture, and also add a new WordPress page.

Local Business Listings

The next step is to concentrate on the”off-page” variables: directory listings and neighborhood maps, mainly. I’ll concentrate on a few important ones . There are hundreds of local record directories and citations, but the main ones are:

  • Apple Maps Link;
  • Google My Business;
  • Yahoo Local;
  • Bing Places for Business;
  • Yelp.
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For these key listings, add an account, verify your list, then wait for it to appear. It may take from a few days to a couple of weeks. But, all these listings, except for Apple Maps, can be obtained using your iPhone.

Apple Maps Connect. This one is frustrating. The iPhone isn’t yet supported — there’s no iPhone app for Apple Maps Connect. So you will want to use a computer or iPad to establish your account. Log in with your Apple ID, then add your listing if it is not there yet. It took me about three minutes to bring the listing for my small business.

Google My Business. Download the Google My Business app from the App Store. Setting up and managing your neighborhood listing on the app is relatively straightforward. You will need a Google account to log in. Completing your Google My Business list will enable the regional company to appear on important Google search results.

Yahoo Local. Using the Safari web browser on your iPhone, go to the Aabaco Small Business website (previously Yahoo Small Business). Click on the”Local Marketing” link at top to locate your organization name and begin your listing procedure. This will ensure, once done, your neighborhood business appears on relevant Yahoo search results. Beyond this, for a fee, Yahoo Localworks will add your list to other directories.

Using the Safari web browser in your iPhone, visit the Aabaco Small Business website (previously Yahoo Small Business). Click on the”Local Marketing” link at top to locate your organization name and begin your listing procedure.

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Bing Places for Business. Use Bing Places for Business, by Microsoft, to maintain your list, which will appear on Bing search results. Download the app, finish your record profile, and then confirm it.

Bing Places for Business is where you will want to maintain your record, which will appear on Bing search results.

Yelp. Yelp is so crucial, particularly for local restaurants and other regional businesses, I included it in this list. Download the Yelp app from the App Store and use it to manage your own listing. Alternately, visit the mobile version of with the Safari web browser in your iPhone.

Social Media

Managing your social networking activity is simple using the iPhone. This is mostly done via apps. Download and install these apps for keeping up with social media.

  • Facebook Pages Manager app (handle Facebook pages)
  • Facebook app (handle personal profiles)
  • Instagram app
  • Twitter app
  • Google Plus app

Typically those are the primary social networking profiles for a local organization.

Irrespective of the device you use to control your neighborhood presence, focus, first, on your site. Publish blog posts frequently, including pictures when possible. Then share these posts on your social networking accounts. Customize each post for each platform by, say, writing something special for Facebook, something special for Twitter, etc.

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