13 New Ecommerce Books for Winter 2015

Celebrate the holidays with fresh ecommerce publications. Here’s a list of new ecommerce and Internet-marketing books for winter 2015. You will find new titles on large information, cryptocurrency, content promotion, mobile commerce, branding, small business strategies, and the dreams of web icons.

I compiled this list using Amazon.com. From Amazon’s”Books” category, I selected titles from the”E-commerce” sub-category of”Internet & Internet Culture.” I then handpicked titles from this category, based on customer evaluations compared to ecommerce. Additionally, I selected titles in the”Small Business & Entrepreneurship” sub-category of”Business & Money.”

New Ecommerce Books

Sticky Branding: 12.5 Principles to Stand Out, Bring Clients, and Grow an Unbelievable Brand by Jeremy Miller

Sticky Branding.

Sticky Branding is a branding playbook. It offers stories, ideas, and exercises that will make your organization stand out, attract clients, and develop into an unbelievable brand. Its 12.5 guiding principles are drawn from interviews with CEOs and business owners. Any business keen to challenge industry norms and find innovative ways to serve its clients can grow into a tacky brand. Paperback $17.35.

Data-ism: The Revolution Transforming Decision Making, Consumer Behavior, and Almost Everything Else by Steve Lohr


Steve Lohr, a technology reporter for The New York Times, chronicles the rise of Big Data, addressing cutting-edge company strategies and analyzing the dark side of a data-driven world. Data-ism is all about the next phase, where enormous, Internet-scale data sets are used for prediction and discovery in virtually every area. Lohr explains how people and institutions will have to exploit, protect, and manage their information to remain competitive in the coming years. Kindle $16.99; Hardcover $21.77.

Becoming Steve Jobs: The Growth of a Reckless Upstart to a Visionary Leader by Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli

Becoming Steve Jobs.

Becoming Steve Jobs takes on and breaks down the Present myth and stereotypes about Steve Jobs. It attempts to answer the fundamental question concerning the life and livelihood of the Apple co-founder and CEO: How did a young man so reckless and arrogant, exiled in the firm he founded, become the best visionary business leader of the time, finally changing the daily life of countless people? Kindle $11.99; Hardcover $21.78.

Future Crimes: What Is Connected, Everybody Is Vulnerable and What We Can Do About It Had by Marc Goodman

Future Crimes.

Future Crimes provides a glimpse into the dark side of technological innovation, analyzing the unintended consequences of a connected world. Offering a way out, it supplies steps to endure the advancement unfolding before us. Future Crimes functions as a call to action that reveals how we can take back control over our own devices and exploit technology’s tremendous power once and for all. Kindle $10.99; Hardcover $20.12.

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Joy, Inc.: How We Built a Workplace People Love Paperback by Richard Sheridan

Joy, Inc..

Learn how to rethink your workplace. Joy, Inc. provides an inside look at Menlo Innovations, a small software company in Ann Arbor, Michigan, that has won numerous growth awards and has been named an Inc. magazine”daring small firm.” With joy as the explicit aim, CEO Rich Sheridan and his staff changed everything about the way the business was run, taking away the fear and ambiguity that typically earn a workplace miserable. Kindle $11.99; Paperback $12.00; Hardcover $21.95.

Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo! by Nicholas Carlson

Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo!

Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo! is the inside story of how Yahoo got into such horrible shape in the first place, Marissa Mayer’s controversial rise at Google, and her desperate struggle to save an online icon. This publication captures Mayer’s increase and Yahoo’s missteps as a dramatic illustration of what is needed to catch the brass ring in Silicon Valley. Kindle $12.74; Hardcover $21.78.

Online Marketing for Small Businesses in Easy Steps: Contains Social Network Marketing by Julia Doherty

Online Marketing for Small Businesses in Easy Steps.

Online Marketing for Small Businesses in Easy Steps is aimed at the emerging small business owner. This manual shows how to construct your platforms from a marketing standpoint. Explore your site, blogging platforms as well as the mechanisms of social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google Plus. This book covers the vital actions to internet marketing success, assisting you to implement a plan and gauge the results. Paperback $13.70.

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Screw the Valley: A Coast-to-Coast Tour of America’s New Tech Startup Culture: New York, Boulder, Austin, Raleigh, Detroit, Las Vegas, Kansas City by Timothy Sprinkle

Screw the Valley.

Screw the Valley is a publication for start-ups which are looking for the perfect place to start-up. It calls on the current entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners to overlook California and explore different options throughout the nation — cities that provide more space to breathe, easier access to financing and talented workers, fewer heads to buttocks, and not as much cash down the drain. It gives readers a window to the startup potential in seven cities, detailing which businesses are flourishing where, and emphasizing the exceptional appeal and character of every location. Kindle $10.10; Hardcover $20.46.

Strategy Rules: Five Vintage Lessons from Bill Gates, Andy Grove, and Steve Jobs by David B. Yoffie and Michael A. Cusumano

Strategy Rules.

Strategy Rules assesses the strategies, principles, and skills of three of the most influential and successful figures in business — Bill Gates, Andy Grove, and Steve Jobs — offering classes for all managers and entrepreneurs on leadership, strategy and implementation. Kindle $14.44; Hardcover $21.77.

The Age of Cryptocurrency: How Bitcoin and Digital Money Are Challenging the International Economic Order by Paul Vigna and Michael J. Casey

The Age of Cryptocurrency.

Why should anybody care about Bitcoin? In The Age of Cryptocurrency, Paul Vigna and Michael J. Casey seek an answer to this question. This book demystifies cryptocurrency — its origins, its purpose, and what you want to know to navigate a cyber market. Cyber cash is poised to launch a revolution, one that could reevaluate traditional fiscal and societal structures. The electronic money world will seem very different from the paper money world. Discover how to prepare yourself. Kindle $12.74; Hardcover $20.51.

Will the Real You Please Stand Up: Show Up, Be True, and Prosper in Social Networking by Kim Garst

Will the Real You Please Stand Up.

In Will the Real You Please Stand Up, social media urge Kim Garst shares the tips, tricks, and techniques that have helped her navigate and dominate the social networking world. Not only a how-to publication on social networking, Will the Real You Please Stand Up is a guided journey to finding”the most unstoppable force in nature, something that you already have but just don’t understand how to harness and unleash.” Kindle $8.49; Paperback $13.55; Hardcover $27.66.

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The Content Revolution: Telling a Better Story to Differentiate in the Competition by Mark Masters

The Content Revolution.

From Mark Masters, founder of articles advertising firm, The ID Group, The Content Revolution is about the contemporary advertising way of communicating via content. The old advertising way — yelling louder than your competitor — is dead. The only differentiator a company has is the story it tells. The Content Revolution introduces the new marketing vocabulary with interviews from articles marketing leaders, such as Joe Pulizzi, Chris Brogan, Ann Handley, Robert Rose, and Jay Baer. Paperback $15.36.

The Third Screen: The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Marketing by Chuck Martin

The next Screen.

This new edition explores the new breed of consumers on the move and constantly on, tapping into content at the touch of a button. The Third Screen defines the consequences, strategies, and tactics used to flourish in the mobile revolution. It links technological improvements to behavioral changes, shows the unexpected forces of these changes in mobile, and equips entrepreneurs and companies for the future. Paperback $15.16.

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