13 New Equity Crowdfunding Success Stories, for Ecommerce

It has been three years since the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act was signed into law. Currently, Title II is in effect, allowing small companies to solicit investments from licensed (wealthy ) investors. Title III, allowing equity crowdfunding to less-affluent investors, is still awaiting rulings from the SEC. While equity crowdfunding has not fully awakened, there are loads of small businesses raising cash from accredited investors.

Here’s a list of current capital raises through crowdfunding websites for ecommerce-related businesses. There are online shops, mobile commerce providers, funding and distribution platforms, web services, and much more. The dollar amounts are between $500,000 and $10 million, increased on Crowdfunder, OurCrowd, CircleUp, Fundable, WeFunder, and AngelList.



Founded by Neil Young, PonoMusic is dedicated to distributing the maximum quality, non-compressed music. The business sells a player and internet master recordings. PonoMusic’s crowdfunding started with a donation-based effort on Kickstarter that increased $6.2 million from 18,220 backers. PonoMusic then raised over $4 million in an equity effort on Crowdfunder.



Mouth is an online shop for indie spirits and food, curating over 1,200 intriguing and tasty products, all made in america. It provides bundled gift bags and monthly clubs, in addition to individual products. Additionally, it runs a tiny literary spirits and wine gallery in Brooklyn. In its most recent effort on AngelList, it has increased $1.1 million. Its previous seed rounds on AngelList increased $1.8 million.

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Social Rewards

Social Rewards.

Social Rewards is a societal devotion engagement platform trading theater loyalty points for social networking engagements. The platform gathers intelligence for the movie industry on social users. Social Rewards has raised $1 million on Crowdfunder, including an investment in Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank.

Farm Hill

Farm Hill.

Farm Hill is a mobile business venture that prepares and provides healthy food. The corporation’s mission is to deliver great-tasting food that’s good for you. Farm Hill has raised $1 million on AngelList.



IFunding is a real estate crowdfunding platform which conducted its own equity crowdfunding effort on Crowdfunder. The campaign broke through its initial objective of $1 million per week.



Borro is an internet platform for luxury asset-backed lending. Borro has raised $7.2 million through Israel-based OurCrowd. The crowdfunding was a part of a larger $19.5 million equity increase to expand the internet platform.



Guesty is a personal assistant for managing rental properties through Airbnb and other platforms. Guesty has increased $585,000 from 24 investors on Wefunder.



Camperoo is an activity and summer camp market for children. It hastens the discovery and registration process for the two camps and parents, which makes it easy to find, sign-up, and handle all of a child’s activities on the internet. Camperoo has increased $838,000 from 35 investors on Wefunder.



Boostable gives a concerted digital advertising solution that permits ecommerce businesses to provide digital advertisements as a service. Boostable has increased $3.1 million on AngelList.

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Narvar empowers physical goods retailers to provide a branded delivery and tracking experience across all carriers. Furthermore, retailers are given the ability to drive extra traffic to their site through cross merchandising and personalized offers. Narvar has raised $2 million on AngelList.



Mayvenn is a platform that permits hair stylists to market products directly to their customers, without needing to buy or manage any stock. It is a direct sales distribution channel that gives engaging stylists with their own pages that are online. Mayvenn has raised $2.5 million on AngelList.

Design Puzzle

Style Puzzle.

Design Puzzle is a platform which connects users who do not have enough time to shop with fashionistas who wish to make additional money shopping for others. Users save time and effort, and get stylish viewpoints. Fashionistas monetize their shopping hobbies while showcasing their style. Design Puzzle has raised $1 million on AngelList.



Plum makes Wi-Fi empowered lighting and appliance controls. Its lightpad lets users control light remotely from their telephones. With the support of crowdfunding, Plum has over $850,000 in pre-sales. Plum originally ran a donation-based effort on Kickstarter that raised $307,000 from 1,308 backers. Plum then increased $760,000 on Fundable. Plum is now raising $1.2 million on CircleUp.