15 Group Messaging Mobile Apps

Group messaging apps are useful communication tools for getting in touch with different people at once. They’re also a fantastic way to share information, make decisions, and also manage a job.

Here’s a listing of messaging apps. There are apps for easy group messaging, and additionally, there are apps for advanced team collaboration, integrated with many different productivity tools to conduct a project or company.

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Group Messaging Apps


GroupMe allows you to talk with everybody, via drive or SMS, whether you are speaking to a bunch of friends, or texting with one individual. Insert anyone from your telephone book, and they can instantly talk to the group. Easily mute groups for a few quiet or until you’ve got a meeting. Founded in 2010, motivated by a project from the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon, GroupMe is a part of Skype. Available for Android and iOS. Price: Free.


WhatsApp is a free messaging and voiceover IP platform owned by Facebook that’s over 1.5 billion monthly active users. Additionally, it offers WhatsApp Business to connect with clients with group chats, share messages, photographs, and videos with up to 256 people at the same time. You can even name your group, mute or customize notifications, and much more. Send PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, and slideshows. Available for Android and iOS. Price: Free.


Telegram is a messaging app with a focus on safety and speed. Create group chats for up to 200,000 members, share big videos and files of any sort, and even setup bots for particular tasks. Personal messages are encrypted and can self-destruct. Telegram servers are dispersed worldwide for speed and security. Available for Android and iOS. Price: Free.


WeChat is a messaging and social networking app from Tencent that’s more than 1 billion monthly active users. Produce group chats with around 500 members, and conduct group video calls with up to nine individuals. Send files up to 100 MB — PDFs, spreadsheets, documents, slideshows, and more — without the hassle of email or file-sharing apps. Use WeChat Pay and Wallet for transactions. Available for Android and iOS. Price: Free.

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Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a communications app to contact groups and individuals. Run chats and video calls to classes. Send responses and GIFs. When text is not enough, hit record and send a voice message. Add masks, filters, and effects to your video chats. Send and receive cash in the app. Suggest a meeting place or reveal where you’re by sharing your place. Available for Android and iOS. Price: Free.


Signal is a communication app that is focused on safety. Send superior group, voice, text, video, record, and image messages anywhere in the world without SMS or MMS fees. Signal calls and messages are always end-to-end encrypted. Choose different disappearing message periods for each conversation. Everyone in the thread shares the identical setting. Available for Android and iOS. Price: Free.


Hangouts is Google’s app for group chats of 150 people or less. Turn any conversation to a free group video call with up to 10 friends. Increase the dialog with status messages, photographs, emoji, stickers, and animated GIFs. Easily share your present location with any dialog with the map integration. Connect your Google Voice account for telephone number, SMS, and voicemail integration. Available for Android and iOS. Price: Free.

Team Chat Apps


Slack is a group chat app with a huge range of features and integrations. Conversation channels can be divvied by staff, project, and customer. Members can join and leave as needed. Share stations with companies and businesses you regularly work with. Talk it out over video or voice calls straight from Slack. Share your display as needed. Drag and drop PDFs, pictures, videos, and other documents directly into Slack. Available for Android and iOS. Price: Free for up to three users. Premium plans start at $8 a month.

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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a chat app for documents and meetings. Run group chat, online meetings, audio and video calls, and web-conferencing for as many as 10,000 people. Get features like scheduling assistance, note-taking, screen sharing, meeting recording, and instant messaging. Collaborate on documents with built-in Office 365 apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Add Microsoft apps and third party services. Available for Android and iOS. Price: Free for up to 300 users. Premium plans start at $5 per month.

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Mattermost is a self-hosted messaging platform which allows you keep full control of information and protect against security breaches. It sports group chat or direct messaging, conversations in stations, searchable message history, audio and video, screen sharing, file sharing, and much more. Mattermost is acceptable for smaller businesses and departments with information security requirements. Available for Android and iOS. Price: Starts at $3.25 per user per month.


Chatwork is a collaboration platform for teams and individuals. Chatwork presents group and direct chat, searchable by key words. Additionally, it supplies task management, file sharing, video chat, contact management, email and push notifications, user management, and much more. Available for Android and iOS. Price: Free for up to 14 group chats. Premium plans start at $4 per user per month.


Ryver is an app that integrates team communication, team task management, and workflow automation. Create channels for big forums, groups, or individuals. Collaborate through chat, topic-threaded chats, and video and voice calls with screen sharing. Turn conversations into trackable jobs in a powerful task manager. Automate tasks using Workflow. Automatically receive social networking posts, news articles, and RSS feed articles. Available for Android and iOS. Price: Plans begin at $49 a month for up to 12 users.


Twist is a communication app for teams that need”a calmer, more organized, more productive workplace.” With single-topic and obviously titled threads, Twist retains all of your team’s conversations on stage and builds a browsable and searchable knowledge base. Twist is from Doist, the group supporting Todoist. Available for Android and iOS. Price: Free for a month of messages and around five integrations. Premium is $5 per user per month.

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Flock is just another messaging app to handle a project. Create a station and get everyone’s input. Use a personal channel for focused discussions or a public one for group members to discover and join. Launch a video call in a channel or chat, and share your display for details. Access a suite of collaboration tools — shared to-dos, surveys, rich note sharing, reminders, and much more. Drag and drop documents of all sorts. Add guests on Flock, and define the chats and stations they can access. Available for Android and iOS. Price: Free for smaller groups, with search up to 10,000 messages. Guru is $4.50 per user each month.

Zoho Cliq

Zoho Cliq is a group collaboration tool with searchable discussions, video and voice calls, task management, workflow automation, data encryption, and much more. Run conversations with stations. Use the”Fork From Here” message action to make ad-hoc group-chats contextually. Search messages, files, and hyperlinks in any dialog. Get real-time updates from third party applications. Turn messages into work products, and more. Available for Android and iOS. Price: Free for up to 100 users per station. Premium program starts at $2.70 per user per month for up to ten users.

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