15 Helpful Forums for Online Merchants

Online merchants often work independently or in small teams, especially when starting out. But, merchants can find support from many of their peers in online forums.

Here’s a list of useful forums for online merchants. You will find ecommerce forums, and in addition, there are technology and small business forums with useful subject categories for online merchants. All the forums are busy. The majority of the forums are free, though some provide additional private groups.

Ecommerce Forums

Shopify Forums. Underneath its Ecommerce University, Shopify’s forums provide loads of help for all online merchants. Board classes include Feedback On My Shop, Wholesale & Drop Shipping, Ecommerce Discussion, and Payments, Shipping & Fulfillment. There is also a dedicated board for Shopify’s annual Build A Business Competition.

Shopify Ecommerce University Forums.

Bigcommerce Community Forum. Bigcommerce has forums for Announcements & Introductions,”How To” Questions, Marketing + Thoughts, and Bigcommerce University Discussions. Post general how-to questions, share suggestions, or explore any topic area with its four-part video collection. The design and customization board has over 50,000 posts on customizing using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

PrestaShop Forum. PrestaShop maintains a real commitment to its development as an open source platform, actively promoting the community’s forum, language translations, and GitHub project. PrestaShop’s community forum has boards for many different languages, including Spanish, French, Italian, German, Polish, Vietnamese, and Russian. The forum has over 2 million posts.

The Internet Retailer Forum. Web Retailer is an educational website for online sellers. With approximately 16,000 members, it provides interviews with top vendors, statistics and research, guides to selling online, and much more. The forum is for providers also, so long as they announce industry connections. Members receive community mails on new forum subjects and even asks for ideas.

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The Internet Retailer Forum.

eCommerceFuel. ECommerceFuel is a superior ecommerce community around the site of Andrew Youderian. To guarantee insight-filled discussions and relations, members must own or work (one year of experience) for a shop with a minimum of $250,000 in annual revenue. ECommerceFuel includes a”no jerks allowed” policy and functions to acquire new members plugged-in into the community with regular in-person meetups.

WordPress Forums. Find loads of talk and replies for WordPress stores at the WordPress.org forum. There are boards on setup, how-to and troubleshooting, multisite mechanics, reviews, and much more. The Plugins & Hacks board has more than 3 million posts. You may also find solutions on the WordPress.com forum, especially on topics, support, and personnel responses.

Tech and Business Forums

Warrior Forum. Warrior Forum is for Internet marketers. It’s large active discussion boards for search engine optimisation, email marketing, social networking, product reviews, and ecommerce websites, wholesaling, and drop shipping. Warrior Forum has over 8 million posts and 1 million members. Warrior Forum also includes a premium board, The War Room, for Internet marketers and entrepreneurs.

Warrior Forum.

SEOChat. SEOChat is a community dedicated to helping novices and professionals improve their search engine optimization and Internet marketing knowledge. The discussion has boards on SEO, social media marketing, pay-per-click advertisements, hangouts, and other online marketing topics. There is also a guide for members to discuss their experiences on best-known search engine optimization tools. SEOChat has over 200,000 members.

The Digital Point. The Digital Point is a webmaster community that comprises a huge marketplace for electronic goods, including websites, domain names, scripts, templates, and plugins. Forum boards include Search Engines, Business & Marketing, Design, Development, as well as The Digital Point. There’s also a Buy, Sell or Trade board for market messages. The general chat board has almost 2 million posts. The Digital Point also provides a private forum with premium membership.

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The SitePoint Forums. The SitePoint Forums is your community website for SitePoint, a content platform, together with tutorials, articles and classes for programmers, designers, developers, freelancers, and website owners. The forum has various boards for development and programming. Additionally, there are boards for different subjects, such as social media, articles, organization, marketing, and just a showcase for projects.

SitePoint Forums.

Envato Community. Envato is the electronic ecosystem that contains a market, an educational platform, and also an independent system to help people get creative, earn an income, and learn new abilities. The Envato Community is a community of independent professionals sharing ideas and achievement. Categories include Hangout, Project Feedback, Challenges, Tips & Tricks, Searching For, Rooftop (for sharing new landmarks ), and Articles.

Web Design Forums. Web Design Forums is a community for designers, programmers, online marketers, and entrepreneurs. Get help with web design, layout software names, programming, internet marketing, hosting, and other technical problems. Web Design Forums has approximately 50,000 members.

Designers Talk. Designers Chat is a community forum for designers. In its Design Forums segment, you will find boards on a huge array of classes, such as web design, web development, content management systems, and typography. Additionally, there are boards for search engines and SEO, promotion and marketing, business, and much more. There are over 260,000 members.

Small Business Forum. Small Business Forum is a forum for entrepreneurs — seasoned or not. Board classes are Your Small Company, Financial & Legal, Marketing, Your Site, Community Talk, and Forum Business. Small Business Forum has over 21,000 members.

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