See Europe From The Water

Taking a river cruise along the Rhine River is a great way to celebrate a birthday or even a honeymoon, and taking river cruises through Europe really gives you a chance to see Europe from a new, exciting and different angle.

Rhine River tours start as far north as Amsterdam, and go as far south as Switzerland – most people agree that Germany has the most scenic views with many castles, wineries, and cities one can stop off at and visit.

Most German cruises are between 8 and 15 days in length, and the cruise travels through five different countries including Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, France and Netherlands.

Taking a river cruise through Germany will give you the opportunity to view the incredible countryside, urban life, and the various structures alongside the banks of the Rhine – best of all, you will find many beautiful castles along the Rhine river! Many are small and some are in ruins, but there is a great variation and getting to see them from the river really is an amazing experience.

Three important towns you must visit are: Rudesheim, Wurzburg, and Breisach. Known for their wine they also happen to be very picturesque with the hill-side vineyards running throughout the villages. If you have the opportunity to cruise the Rhine River in the spring, you will not regret it -the colorful tulips that bloom provide the most beautiful landscape.

Whether you’re looking to try the wine or taking a few hours to check out the towns you visit, renting a bike is a great idea. It’s a cheap way to leisurely tour around the villages, and makes it easy to do more and see more in a short time than if you were to walk everywhere.

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Winter cruises during the holidays, offer an opportunity to watch villages prepare for Christmas. We highly recommend stopping off in Cologne, Germany to view the many Christmas markets that include toy makers, arts and crafts, wine, and Christmas cakes. Other German ports to visit during the holidays include Mainz and Heidelberg.