Streamlining Your Online Experience Will Lead To Repeat Business

Streamlining Your Online Experience Will Lead To Repeat Business

The role of technology in retail has been very important. It helps to provide better customer experiences and drives greater operational efficiency within the company.

Small business owners are now exposed to new opportunities that were unimaginable before the internet. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage sales in this new multi-channel environment.

However, more and more companies are finding it easier to compete in this highly competitive market. These are the easiest steps to improve user experience.

Personalize your customer experience

Modern customers expect a lot from online shopping. They want to be able review their selections and postpone purchases until it is convenient for them.

E-shoppers who are tech-savvy have set expectations for their online customer journey. They have seen flexible wish lists functions and cross-device baskets that can be easily modified. This allows them to share with family and friends. They demand complete customization control and are often frustrated by any less. Your customers will be more satisfied if they have the ability to manage their experience.

Guest checkout

This should be obvious, but it’s still not offered by many online retailers.

Retailers need to collect as much information as possible about their customers to understand who visits and shops on their site. What they are interested in, their personal circumstances (e.g. To tailor their website to customers’ needs, they need to know if the purchaser is single or a family. This can lead to the business goal being more important than the user’s needs. Therefore, a mandatory registration with additional fields will invariably result in more basket abandonments.

According to an Econsultancy survey, 26% of online shoppers felt that they were forced to register in order not be able to make a purchase. Vendors need to find ways to remove the obstacles to purchasing by balancing customer-centric strategies and customer tracking tactics.


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Keep forms brief

Forms should be easy to use. This is one of the most important usability considerations. According to a recent PCA Predict survey, 84% of online shoppers would abandon their purchases if it was too difficult. This is a clear signal to retailers that they need to make the checkout process simpler.

Customers understand the need for data exchanges, but long forms, unflexible fields and difficult to navigate pages can quickly turn users away, leading to a drop in sales.

Our core service, PCA Predict reduces friction and provides verified data to the retailer so they can offer the best customer experience. Although it may sound like a shameless plug for our core service, we are experts in the field and know what the results look like. Our customers who have done A/B testing at their checkouts have found that using verification tools to reduce the amount of manual entry required has significantly reduced the time and effort required to complete this traditional, tedious part of the checkout. They can also be sure that accurate and current customer data is being captured at the point they enter. It’s a win for all.

Clear shipping costs

UPS conducted an online survey of shoppers to determine that 58% of abandoned orders were caused by high shipping costs. Shoppers are often confused by the details of shipping. From the fees not being clearly stated to the total cost to the shipping times that are too long for the price, they feel discouraged.

A vague approach to shipping costs can confuse consumers and lead to a loss in trust for your brand. A clear explanation of the shipping costs for each option (and how to qualify to receive free shipping) will help you get a higher completion rate and more faith in your retailer.

Other payment options

Many online payment platforms are available to simplify ecommerce transactions. They offer retailers easy platforms and secure checkouts. This will help shoppers feel confident that payment will be secure and easy. Keep in mind, however, that customers will have different preferences when it comes to payment. Retailers should offer different payment options.

Offering local payment options in international markets is crucial to convert visitors into customers. Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal don’t control the market in many countries like they do in the UK. These local “norms”, which are often ignored, can be dangerous. For example, Sofort and EVL are market leaders in Germany while the UK Big 3 have a small share.

Stay one step ahead of the curve; forecast

Predictive tools are a great way to make sure customers have a positive experience. They shouldn’t be punished for not remembering addresses or making mistakes.

Retailers will be able to make transactions easier by listening to their customers and removing obstacles that could hinder speed and accuracy. This will help build trust and improve your reputation. If you provide a great shopping experience, loyal customers will be your greatest advocate. Retailers of all sizes can make small improvements to improve their customer experience and see significant results.


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