Pop-Up to Maintain: Our Top 6 Reasons Why

In today’s digital world, we can easily decrease the significance and power of bodily interaction. This is particularly true in retail.

While retailers and brands like Sephora, Nike and Warby Parker are pursuing AR and VR technology which enables complex digital experience, these companies understand that nothing can replace the persuasive participation of”being there.”

Sensory interactions with goods –called haptic advertising –produce memorable and lasting minutes. In accordance with retaildive.com,”56 percent of consumers surveyed say they still see retail stores to first touch or see products before purchasing online.” L’Occitane has made an art of the.

Whether you are a heritage brand or a climbing digital native, pop-ups can offer a cost-effective method of experimenting with your own brand, creating hype for new thoughts and gauging consumer interest in a more tactile level. Pop-ups may be used for different results, but all powerful pop-ups begin with a strategic plan.

Here are Medallion Retail’s six reasons to perform a pop-up:

1. Brand Building

Pop-ups permit you to experiment with tone and positioning, all without the cost of a significant overhaul to your present stores. Another valuable perk: you are ready to track feedback directly.

2. Test & Review

A pop-up can supply qualitative and quantitative intel to your own brand. Are you looking to expand from the electronic space, or wish to ascertain where a new place might work best? Implementing a pop-up area in a new geographical location could offer a small step before bigger investments are made.

You are able to collect insight and information about your client; which goods are popular or which sort of store layout offers the best user experience. This may also be a time to test partnerships or sponsorships to your own brand.

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3. Introduce a Product

Providing a distinctive retail experience will highlight your new line, a vacation feature or partnerships that you want to publicize.

Pop-ups are a proven means to permit shoppers to touch and try new products and meet your client’s tactile needs.

4. Point of Sale

Consider transforming the traditional”store and pay at the register” experience. A pop-up can sell in an assortment of ways, but it is not always necessary to add a stockroom full of merchandise or a counter of registers.

In actuality, thinking of new ways to store can be what drives and delights your clients. A pop-up without merchandise may also take away the burden and cost of inventory and payment logistics. A good example of a cashless pop-up is the current collaboration between Wallplay and IZI in the Seaport District. Clients can meet the requirement to see, touch or try on a product in person, followed by a memorable buying experience–in this case, one which uses QR codes.








5. Create Buzz

Any size pop-up may be a significant PR chance –and your pop-up success is directly connected to the media time you give it. Creating buzz for your brand is among the best ways to get in touch with new customers or re-energize a relationship with present shoppers.

Regardless of what your objective or plan for a pop-up, terrific buzz is an obvious advantage. Timberland did a long-term pop-up installment in midtown Manhattan where they made green spaces inside their store. This inventive oasis gave consumers a sense of nature in the middle of a town, while offering a personal connection to Timberland’s brand values, in addition to plenty of motivational Instagrammable moments.

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6. Reinforce Shopper Relationships

Data indicates that a fully connected client is 52 percent more valuable than a satisfied client. Creating experiences that connect with your customers in new, fun ways can enhance brand loyalty and create ambassadors eager to talk about your brand with new audiences.

An”exclusive pop-up” can incorporate ideas like restricted access to VIP members, or particular invite/event occasions for cardholders. Pop-up experiences such as this help clients feel important and recognized for their link to your brand. Pushing an exclusive event may also create added hype (and positive FOMO) for a wider target audience.

Retail is still a significant player in consumer buying, but it needs to accommodate with the requirements of the consumer. Pop-ups offer a guaranteed chance to connect with clients, who will feel and be more engaged with your brand and products.






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