The New Year’s Ecommerce Branding Goals

The new year has arrived and it brings with it new goals and standards that will keep your store ahead of the rest. Ecommerce is a rising star. You must think about how to keep customers‘ attention and what tactics you can use to reduce friction when they shop online. Also, how to meet shipping expectations and maintain a balance between your in-store and online presence. These are all essential parts of retail survival. Independent retailer has some goals for the new year in ecommerce branding.

Create a seamless customer experience

To keep up with retail giants, brands must own the customer experience and make it seamless, says Justin Press, General Manager at Brightpearl U.S.

Independent retailers are able to offer personalized customer experiences that surpass those of giants like Amazon and Target. You now have their email address in your database right after they make an online purchase. Make use of it to your advantage. You can send them special offers or promotions to their email, or just thank them for purchasing and suggest other products that might be of interest to them. You can do a lot with a little!

Retail is all about flexibility and choice.

Press stated that the most important thing independent retailers should be focusing on is their ability to provide choice to customers when they make online purchases. This includes speed, delivery and payment options. Shipping and delivery options have been the subject of much discussion, particularly around holidays when large box retailers often offer free shipping. The consumer may not be aware of these options.Not requiredFree shipping is important, but expedited shipping is also an option. Press reports that 87% of shoppers believe multiple delivery options are essential if they want to return to the exact same site.

These options can be delivered to customers by using a paid loyalty program. Customers who make a full year’s down payment will get free shipping or two-day delivery, as well as other discounts. Sephora offers a $10 per year option to customers, which allows them to receive free shipping on all their online orders. This ad can be placed in the checkout section of an ecommerce website. It gives the customer additional shipping options and increases their likelihood to return for future purchases.

Find all possible friction points on your website.

A report byBrightpearlConsumers are less likely to accept a variety of friction points, such as:

Crashs, slow speeds, complex navigation, technical issues, the requirement to register before purchasing, product information, high delivery costs, unsuitable delivery options and no free return option.


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According to the report, 41% of American brands agree that providing a user-friendly, engaging and responsive website is their biggest challenge. The second most difficult challenge is managing returns. However, delivering the best customer experience, managing consumer-oriented inventory and order management, and fulfillment are key concerns.Surprisingly, more than 80% of all retail sales in the U.S. are still made in-store. You can gradually work towards an improved ecommerce site as long as your storefront functions properly.

When branding yourself, it is important to understand the emotions customers experience when they interact with your site. Customers‘ interactions and feelings can influence the perception of a brand. There is no perfect website. Even Amazon, a retail giant, can have technical issues. But if you identify those problems and fix them immediately, you will be on your way to an ecommerce platform that is more successful.