Get executive support to establish, fund, and scale CX

Get executive support to establish, fund, and scale CX

Every executive is a player when it comes to customer service (CX). These are real, current, and very common examples that clients have provided to us:

  • CMOs need to be able to combine marketing and CX in order for customers to have better experiences throughout their entire lifecycle.
  • CIOs and CTOs need to manage CX in order to increase the success of digital transformation efforts.
  • CX is essential for COOs to move from reactive problem-solving towards proactive meeting of expectations.

CX leaders need to be embraced by executives in order for businesses to succeed today. CX is owned by everyone. Any misalignment in a strategy or the skills, insights and coordination required to improve CX can lead to missed opportunities, unnecessary efforts, or even self-sabotage. Self-sabotage is a real thing! Too many functions are unintentionally working against one another, leading to customer experiences that are filled with disappointments and pain points.

There are many success stories about CX functions that have been funded and are now scaling up. Because no two CX functions are the same, we looked at them all and identified the key elements that make them successful. This includes both the elements that make up their mission, and those that allow them to accomplish that mission.

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This is the Customer Experience Function Priority Model (pictured above, ) that will help you clarify your goals in funding, setting up, and scaling a CX department. To win executives to your cause, you must be clear about why CX is important to your organization, how you plan to transform CX and what specific roles they will play.

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Forrester’s US Retail Recovery Map, June 2021 — Some Metros Expected Income Losss Still High

Different parts of the US are experiencing different levels of retail recovery. We adjusted our retail recovery heatmap model in May 2021 to include these factors:

  • Economic sentiment — Based on the expected income loss for households in the next four week
  • Change in cases — 14-day percentage increase in cases
  • Saturation of cases — cases for every 100,000
  • Rate of vaccination — The percentage of the population who received their first vaccine.
  • Retail foot traffic — percent change in daily retail foot trafic compared to the same day two-years ago

We have a lot to celebrate as of June 18, 2021. New cases in the US had dropped 21% in the past two weeks. Daily new cases were just four per 100,000, and 52% of the metro area population had had their first vaccination.

The However,A quarter of adults expect their household member to lose income.According to the, the number of people who will be able to access the internet in the next four weeks remains high.Survey of US Census Household Pulse. From May 26, 2021 to June 7, 2021 in the USA, the average was 12%. This was higher for adults living in certain cities such as Los Angeles (22%), New York (20%) and Houston (18%).

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We are seeing some trends based on our updated model:

  • The US Northeast and parts the US Midwest are seeing a rise in retail recovery. These include metropolitan areas such as Boston, Cleveland and Detroit, Milwaukee, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis.
  • Comparatively, retail recovery in the US South and US West is slowing in some areas, such as in metropolitan areas like Dallas, Las Vegas and Miami.

Forrester account representatives can help you see these data and more metropolitan areas. You can also email Madeline Cyr (researcher) at [email protected]

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