How to Improve an Underperforming Retail Sales Team

How to Improve an Underperforming Retail Sales Team

team training Do you remember the feeling when you first started your retail sales career? Intoxicating was the joy of discovering how you could do better and sell better.

Once you had been at it for a while, you started to make assumptions about selling merchandise. You believed you could see people and had superpowers.


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Instantly, you thought that was.

  • She won’t buy anything.
  • He is too expensive.
  • She is comparing Amazon.
  • He is just trying to kick tires.

We become so sure about how shoppers will behave that we become jaded as salespeople.

We can now see our retail jobs as more than just helping customers, but also as a way to stop them from becoming enemies.

Let me tell you…

Retailers often have no training in retail sales, and even less ongoing training. This leaves employees to their own devices, literally.

Your employees will be more likely to fall for the virtual worlds of Snapchat and Facebook if there are fewer people at your door.

If a shopper walks in the door, it is disruptive to the employees’ virtual world. Your employees will want the opportunity to assess the shopper’s worth and decide if it is worth their time.

They feel they can predict within seconds if someone will be able to buy or not.

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But, I have good news for you . I do not have superpowers.

You do not have superpowers.

They don’t have superpowers.

A guy in jeans and flip-flops can just as easily purchase your one-carat diamond engagement ring as a woman in designer halter, flashy pants and Jimmy Choo shoes.

While you cannot change people’s purchasing habits, it is possible to discover what they really value.

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to sell if you take the time to establish trust and build the foundation for the sale before resorting to stale tie down selling techniques.

Retail sales people can’t do this if they don’t listen to and observe their customers.

How can you tell if your retail employees have jaded attitudes?

1. The same sales presentation is repeated by almost all salespeople, which indicates that their minds are fried.

2. You’re not getting any sales from your bonuses and commissions, which can lead to frustration.

3. You have one sales superstar, which means that the rest are not competing to be in your market.

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How can you motivate a retail sales team that is underperforming?

1. Provide training in retail sales.Let everyone have a chance to learn, then start over. If they can’t or won’t learn, have a meeting with them to get their buy-in. These are several articles about Training in retail sales?Online sales training My own streaming training

2. 2. Fire one.After giving them training and tools, if they are still not improving, you can fire them. Realizing that the boss is serious can wake up a crew like nothing else.

3. All of them should be firedTrain and hire new employees. You must take immediate action if your crew is becoming toxic and unwilling to do their jobs. This may sound harsh, but it is your only option.

You can’t manage more than one stubborn employee. If you don’t have that, you’ll be prone to making the same management mistakes again and again.

Learn how SalesRX helps your team sell more value than price.

Retailers believe that price is their greatest enemy when it comes to selling.

It’s not about the product or the price that causes a lost sale. To reduce fear of buying, it’s all about how employees interact with shoppers.

Your shopper will be more inclined to buy if you remove regret and risk.

This is what you pay your staff to do: to remove fear.

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What are the fears of shoppers?

Shoppers worry that they won’t be able to afford the best, can’t find what they need, the item won’t fit their needs, or their spouse, husband, or significant others – , you name it – will think they are fools.

Salespeople must be willing to help your customers solve their fears. Each shopper is individual.

Here are a few examples of my shopping experience.

I was searching for a replacement for my 2014 Audi Diesel Q7. I had just tested driven the 2017 Q7. It was great, but it had something missing.

I asked the salesman if the vehicle had adaptive cruise control. He said, “Does it have stop & go and traffic jam assistance.” With a laugh, he replied, “We have one in our back, but nobody will ever purchase it because it is too expensive.”

This is the best example of a nonexistent retail sales training program. I convinced him to go buy the car, and he was pleasantly surprised.

As I was walking along the streets of Denver, I noticed an A-frame sign promising Aveda’s cure for baldness. I was a 50-year-old man who was constantly washing his hair at the sink. I went into the salon to ask for the product. I pointed outside at the sign.

The young woman responded, “You know it’s very expensive.” I was stunned and asked, “Do you look homeless?” “Well, it’s really costly,” she replied.

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She missed twice my fear. It wasn’t that I couldn’t afford it. It was going bald. To fix it, I would go to any lengths to get it fixed.

She was a young woman of twenty-something with long hair and couldn’t understand why the price didn’t make her compelled to buy.

If she had been trained first to talk about my products with me, she would then have included the price in the description along with all the benefits. Think L’Oreal’s slogan Because it’s worth it.

You got it. I bought it, and the conditioner.

While we’re on hair coloring, don’t forget about Shirley Polykoff, the copywriter for Miss Clairol. Shirley knew that the best way to sell the product was to assure customers that the color they get from the box would look natural and that no one would guess. It wasn’t cheap. It was about eliminating fear.

I wanted to exercise again so I went to the local bicycle shop.

He was still wearing his riding clothes and greeted me by saying, “How can you help?” I responded, “I’m thinking about getting back into biking and…” He cut in just before I could finish my sentence. “I know exactly what you need,” he said, and pulled out a basic black bicycle.

He and the cheap bike weren’t in the sale, but Iwas. After a while, I politely stated that I would think about it before I left the store.

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Picasso was quoted saying that he knew the point before he began painting.

It’s true! Salespeople must be open to discovering the person in front of them, and not try to sell them off because they are too expensive or not worth our time.

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Many pundits believe that shoppers have changed.

The role of the shopper isn’t changing. They want to feel more comfortable when they see someone in a store.

They were not able to be evicted with minimal service.

If that is the only thing your store can offer, these same shoppers will be happy to order online. They won’t accept poor service or a product that doesn’t meet their price point. And they won’t feel worse because they went to the trouble to visit the store.

Then you shut your doors and blame Amazon for your inability or inability to manage your retail sales team.

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