Three Things to Do Before You Submit to Article Directories

All writers, non-writers and all creative types out there: Now is the best time to reclaim your creative writing skills.

Information-based marketing is becoming more popular thanks to modern communication technology. This is an effective way to get targeted prospects to your site and convert them into buyers. Article writing, submissions, and publications are all becoming more popular.

Many tools exist that can be used to help people distribute their articles easier. Although this tool is invaluable for getting your contents more exposure, it is only half the story.

Let’s first look at some common errors people make when submitting content to article directories.

1. It is easy to confuse the reasons to promote articles with the reasons to write them.

There are three main benefits to article writing. These are branding, lead generation, and promotion. All of these are part of your optimization efforts. Looking for electronic component replacements? Check this website and choose on their catalog.

There is one reason you should write an article. That is to inform your audience. The article will not achieve its primary and most important goal. No one will read it.

First, you need to determine how to get people interested in reading your article. Then make sure they click on the resource box. This can be achieved by creating better content.

2. Failure to maximise the promotion opportunities of article marketing.

Your articles may already help you to generate more links back to your website. You may not know this, but you can also get better search engine results and more visitors from the same articles.

Use keywords in strategic locations. Be careful not to use too many keywords. Anchor texts are also effective. It is important to note that most directories do not support this.

It’s not just about getting backlinks to your site. Your article marketing success is dependent on being picked up by large audiences of publishers and having the ability to leverage other brands due to the quality of your work. You also get better search engine results.

These things don’t make you rich. Other factors can make your article marketing efforts more profitable. You don’t just need to increase your website visitors.

Make a plan, and make sure your article serves the purpose you have in mind.


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3. Don’t publish content that doesn’t help your readers.

Perhaps you think that links back to your website are all you need while writing articles. It is fine to generate visitors.

You are correct. You might not find all article directories and banks accepting your content automatically. They may have specific guidelines or specifications about the articles they accept.

By writing articles that directories are willing to share with others, you can increase the number of sites to which you can submit. To increase your audience, all you need is one publisher with 100 thousand readers.

If you want your article marketing campaign to be the most successful, you must write the articles publishers want. You must follow the guidelines, spell check, research on a topic, and hire a writer to create a quality content for you.

It is ultimately up to you to make the right decision. Although you can get some exposure through increased links back, it is only a small amount. You can also enjoy huge exposure by spending a lot more time creating quality content.

You can choose. It is possible to overlook the fact that articles submitted to directories are not intended for the same exposure as those aimed at a specific audience.

This will help you to distinguish between the two, and make it easier to decide what type of articles to write.

Four Key Points for Branding

These are the four key points to remember when building your company’s brand.

1) Be the “Significant” Thing: Dole tried being all things to everyone. Instead of focusing on one message, spend your time focusing. Mercedes-Benz is the “Engineering” of the car industry, because it has been focusing on this single message for decades.

2) Be consistent: a consistent presentation will help customers remember you. Consistent use of logos, taglines and visual elements, tone and copy, is key. Coca-Cola is one of the most well-known brands in the world. They haven’t changed much in over a decade. Your brochures, website and direct mail all need to convey the same message and feel.

3. Make your message relevant. Get to know your audience and learn what they are interested in. You must ensure that what you offer is relevant to their needs. The conversation should be about your audience and not you.

4) Make a compelling offer to motivate your audience. You want them to remember you, and they want to purchase from you. They must be motivated to take action. You should offer them an incentive to purchase. Your offer should be clear and relevant to your brand.

Your brand will give customers a positive or negative experience every time they come in contact with it. These experiences will enhance their impression of your brand. These experiences will be remembered later, when the time comes to buy. What do you want to make your brand remembered by prospects when they are ready to buy? Start building that positive impression today and continue to do what is necessary to keep it.

Best of luck.


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