A smooth shopping experience is essential in any online B2B shop

In the coming years, B2B buyers will be shopping online more than ever before. According to a Forrester’s survey, 74% of B2B customers already conduct over 50% of their research online even when they purchase offline.

B2B buyers start their journey with Google. Businesses that don’t display or sell products online will have difficulty getting their website to rank among the top three results in Google’s search results.

Now is the right time to start an online shop if you don’t have one. But you need to do more than launch an ecommerce website. You must also consider the needs and requirements of your customers. Although you’re aiming at businesses, your buyers are still people. They expect the same buying experience in both their personal and professional lives. They should have an easy buying process and an omnichannel shopping experience.

Start with customer needs

Solteq carefully considers the shopping habits, expectations, and characteristics of clients when planning an online store. This information is crucial in creating a positive customer experience, from beginning to end. It is important to get feedback from customers before you start developing an online shop.

Let me give you an example. Recently, we met with a client who supplies B2B products. Because the company was receiving a lot of customer inquiries, placing reorders took so long and effort. Customers had to spend days looking through their product history to ensure that they ordered the correct products. They could reorder their orders by simply clicking a button, as all previous orders had been saved to the system.

We created an online B2B shop that allows customers to view their product prices and reorder products easily. Customers can also shop online as B2C consumers.


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The digital age transition is slowed down by attitude

Research and customer feedback clearly show that online B2B shops make sense. However, some companies are slow to adapt to the digital age.

Attitude is the biggest barrier to opening an online shop. Many businesses remain loyal to their current business model, even though they could easily expand their sales channels by opening new ones. Fear is another major problem. Fear is another major obstacle. Many businesses fear what their customers and their competitors will think if they make their prices public. Customers will prefer to shop at a competitor’s location if they can’t see their prices.

Remember that price alone does not guarantee a deal. B2B buyers look for information the same way as B2C customers. You can therefore influence their purchasing decisions by providing high-quality product information, and smooth buying processes.

Online B2B stores that function well can increase sales and strengthen current businesses. Customers can also place orders online, which frees up resources.

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