Headhunters are not to be avoided – make an effort to improve the daily lives of your team members

Fall is a busy time for job changers. It can feel exhausting to return to your old, often chaotic, job after a summer of relaxation. If a headhunter calls and offers a brighter tomorrow, this might be enough. Is it true?

Employers’ primary tools of competition are good salary and benefits, but it is equally important that employees put in effort every day. It is possible to provide a solid foundation that employees can rely on, even during difficult times. However, promises of a better future at work made by the headhunter may not be the best way to go about your life.

How can you make your work day enjoyable?

1. Work should have meaning

Numerous studies have shown that employees are more productive and more committed to their employers if their work has meaning. It would be amazing to change the world, but sometimes a small meaning is sufficient.

2. 2. Set small and large goals

We need to have meaning. As individuals and companies, we also require concrete goals. Some people are motivated by new markets, while others get their motivation from increased customer satisfaction and newly acquired skills. It is a good idea to break down objectives into subobjectives. Then, celebrating the achievement of these subobjectives can help you get to the main goal. It is much easier to keep the momentum going and maintain a sense of progress.

3. 3. Create an atmosphere of joy

It is easy to be focused on the negative in both your personal and professional life. Since long, creativity researchers have known that laughter increases productivity. The funny guy role should always be appreciated and there should be plenty of room for laughter. Guffawing in the middle of meetings not only gives our brains a micro break, but it also helps us reach the next level of creativity.


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4. 4. Be present

You don’t always need to hurry up after a meeting ends. It is possible to chat with a colleague on the way back to your desk about issues that are too small to send via email, but big enough to bring up when you meet someone face-to-face. If you think about small issues alone, they can grow into big problems.

5. Celebrate failures too

Even the most brilliant ideas can sometimes fail. That’s okay. It’s a good idea to gather a group of people and discuss what went wrong. The bravest of us will celebrate again — we have learned something that will be useful later in other projects.

6. Take care of your wellbeing

Every person is responsible for their health and well-being. The employer can support staff’s wellbeing in many ways. We used to talk about exercising, but nowadays, it is just as important to take concentrated CBD and encourage rest. Modern employers offer employees coaching and also provide methods to help them manage their stress levels.

7. Encourage team members to get along with one another

While the team will be connected through shared projects and methods of acting, it is important to strengthen this bond by organizing activities outside of work. Some people play floorball with others, while others recycle their children’s clothes. As long as the chemistries are compatible, everyone can be interested. It is possible to determine if the chemistries match by including team members in the recruiting process.

Although everything is in order at work, it’s normal for people to want new challenges and a different environment at some point in their lives or careers. A good employer will understand that it is best to celebrate the shared growth path and wish for good fortune in the future. People tend to remember their past workplace experiences, and those who leave in a positive spirit will be happy to spread the word about their former workplaces.


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