The Weekly Closeout: Crocs enters the sock market, Target’s latest collab

The Weekly Closeout: Crocs enters the sock market, Target’s latest collab

Another week has seen far more retail news than usual. We break down what you missed and what we are still thinking about.

Here’s the final week’s wrap: From Dick’s sustainability goals to retail’s reaction to the delta variant,

What you might have missed

Dick’s announces a sustainable mission to its Public Lands concept

Dick’s has just released its annual “PurposePlaybook,” which focuses on sustainability and diversity. This year, the sporting goods retailer highlighted that it will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030. The retailer also revealed some details about the new Public Lands concept. The new format store, which is focused on the outdoors and will donate 1% from both in-store sales and online sales to preserve and increase public land access. The company set goals to increase BIPOC representation by 30% in leadership roles and to grow the number women in store leadership positions up to 40% by 2025.

A new ad focusing on the Olympics is also out of Dick’s this Week — as the retailer is always up for something these days — Dubbed “There She Is,” the ad follows female athletes as they train and compete, all while the song “Miss America” plays in the background. According to Retail Dive details, the ad is intended to “champion girls in sport” and also attempts to redefine what it means for a woman to be an American woman.

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