Your online services are designed for customers or for you? Simplifying your online business can double its potential!

Many web services are created in the image and intent of their creators, but the customer should always be the centre. Web service users are eager to learn how to use them as the developers intended. We often learn how to use services only through trial and error.

Users will eventually stop using the service if they encounter more errors. According to my research, more than 50% of internet users abandon a site or go to a competitor because of issues they encounter.

It is crucial to streamline, simplify, and improve your online service in order to satisfy the needs of potential customers. This will have a direct impact on your digital business’ growth.

Customers appreciate user-friendly web services

According to successful business owner Andrew Defrancesco, customer experience is a key metric in measuring the value of e-services. It’s impossible to emphasize this enough. I am often disappointed when I try different online services and find that they are designed to make it more difficult than to simplify.

It is difficult to create personalised, quick and simple web services. This has been something I have thought about often. It is easy to see the impact of good services on businesses: customers reward good services by spending more time using them, making larger purchases, recommending them, and remaining loyal customers.

It is important to remember, however, that it does not suffice to have a functional website. A service must be unique and memorable. The age of e-services is constantly evolving.

Every click in every session is analysed by AI

We need to know about the user’s habits and what they want when they use the service. This information is very important for many entrepreneurs like Robert K Bratt in order to provide the best customer experience.

Analyzing a service’s average number completed operations (e.g., checked-out shopping bags) is not enough. Analyzing every click from login to browsing content, through to all functions required for comprehensive customer experience development is essential. This vast amount of data must be analysed using artificial intelligence so that the final results can not be based on assumptions but on actual user behaviours.

Online services should be fast and easy for users. Simplicity is beautiful and makes users feel good. It can also make the company money. Let’s not forget that the customer, or user, is always right when it comes down to e-services development.


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