Are You in Compliance with COVID-19? A reminder for COVID-19

If you’re wondering if you didn’t get the memo informing you that COVID-19 was over, then the answer is yes. The pandemic was not over, and there was no memo. However, you wouldn’t know this from the actions of consumers and retailers.


Your state is moving into new phases and your store will reopen. You must remember that you are responsible as a retailer to adhere to all guidelines set forth by your state. This will ensure your customers and store associates are as safe as possible.

Businesses and states are now requiring masks in public places. We’ve also seen stores where safety regulations have been ignored or lax. This is the one time when you shouldn’t get too comfortable following the rules.

The pandemic isn’t over. Remember, people can still get sick from shopping at your store. Don’t let your guard down! Follow the state and local guidelines.

You must wear a mask to enter the store.

Have set a limit on the number of people allowed to be in your store at any one time by your state or community.

You can place a station for hand sanitizer at the front of the store and additional bottles in key locations, such as the cash wrap and the fitting room.

Your sales floor should be limited to one-way traffic.

Require your staff to wear reusable face shields and place plexiglass shields in the cash wrap area and other areas of service.

Sign all products that you are not allowed to touch for health reasons.

Click HERE to get your copy of Sharing what We’ve Learned: An Ablueprint for Businesses, created by Kroger.

This booklet contains great information that retailers can use to prepare their store for COVID-19. Scroll down to the bottom of this post to find a generic COVID sign you can print from your computer.

Click HERE to watch our Store ReOpening Checklist webinar, a refresher on getting your store ready to reopen.

It is easy to fall prey to what we call retail tunnel vision, where you get so caught up in the details of your day that you forget about important happenings in your store. Tunnel vision is dangerous when there are so many things at stake. Keep checking local and state guidelines and ensuring safety in your store. While we know that you have many responsibilities right now, safety during the pandemic cannot be ignored.

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