How to create and save an e-book in Kindle Format

The Amazon Kindle is Amazon’s exclusive e-reader. It displays e–books that have been saved in Kindle format. You must save e-books in Kindle files to sell on Amazon. This tutorial will show you how to save, convert, and convert ebooks and other documents using free online tools.

Three Ways to Create and Save Kindle e-Books

There are three main ways to save Kindle books in Kindle book format. The best way for you depends on what your purpose is. E-books written by authors have different Kindle formatting requirements than those who read ebooks from Amazon.

No matter what your motivation for creating a Kindle e book, here are three ways to do it.

  1. eBook creation software: This is the best option for authors who are creating a new manuscript and want to save it to Kindle so they can publish their e book on Amazon.
  2. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing tools: This tool is best for authors who use Microsoft Word to write and want to publish e-books via Amazon KDP
  3. Kindle book format file converters – Best for Kindle owners that want to read documents and e-books other than those from Amazon

Let’s take a closer look at each option, as well as the various tools you can use to save, convert, or create documents or e-books in Kindle format.

1. For Authors, Use e-Book Creation Software

Software for creating e-books is word processing software specifically made to assist writers. You can quickly organize, write and save your manuscripts in Kindle book format. The e-Book creator tools simplify the whole process and make it easy to handle difficult tasks such as inserting images and tracking revisions and changes.

Although there are many e-book creator programs available, three stand out among e book authors as their favorite. These are:

Reedsy Online e-Book Creator

  • Cost – Free
  • Platform – Online cloud-based, mobile-friendly platform

Reedsy’s interface is simple and allows you to quickly type, format and copy your manuscript from any word processing program.

Reedsy, a free ebook creation tool, combines word processing, book designing, and ebook file export in a seamless cloud-based mobile-friendly system. Reedsy allows you to type book content into its intuitive interface, or copy and paste from Google Docs or other word processors. You can organize your manuscript in chapters or parts, add images and cover. Reedsy will export a.ePub file when your manuscript is ready for publication. Amazon converts it to Kindle format automatically for you after you upload the e-book at KDP .

Reedsy was used to convert our content to an e-book that could be listed on Amazon, and other book distribution sites. It was easy, quick, and most importantly, it was free.



Scrivener eBook Creation Software for PC & Mac

  • Price: $45 for desktop software and $20 for an optional mobile app
  • Platforms – Mac, iPad, iPhone, and PC

Scrivener comes with a wealth of tools to help serious writers create any type of work, from e-books for business marketing to novels and textbooks.

Scrivener offers a lot of writing and manuscript-development features at a very affordable price. Although it isn’t free, Scrivener has many organizational tools, including chapter and part management, image management, story outlines and storyboarding. It also includes built-in ebook formatting tools. Scrivener, like Reedsy exports documents as.ePub files which Amazon converts into Kindle format automatically for you when you upload your book to Amazon KDP.

Vellum eBook Creation Software for Mac

  • Price: $199 to get an e-book version
  • Platforms – Mac, iPhone, and iPad

Vellum, like everything Mac-based offers authors a user interface that is top-notch and lots of page formatting, file export tools, and design options to help them create Kindle format e books.

Mac users can use the Vellum book-creation software. It has many fans due to its formatting and export options. Vellum, like Scrivener, combines word processing with book layout, chapter organization, and research documentation into one package. It’s expensive at $199 but offers serious tools for creating e-books for Mac authors. Vellum, unlike Reedsy or Scrivener exports files Kindle books format. These can be uploaded to Amazon KDP with no conversion.

2. Amazon KDP Authors: Get a Free Kindle Create

Amazon KDP offers authors a range of free Kindle format e book tools. These tools are easily found within the KDP author dashboard.

The Amazon KDP author dashboard contains many tools to convert files and documents into Kindle book format.

Kindle Creator is the most popular. This is Amazon’s e-book formatting tool and conversion tool. Kindle Create is a free downloadable program for Mac and PC. It’s not a cloud-based service like Reedsy. Kindle Create allows you to import your word processing file and convert it into Kindle format. Kindle Create, unlike the other e-book-creation tools, is not a starting-from-scratch tool. Your e-book is already prepared in word processing files, such as a.docx,.docx, or.pdf.

KDP Kindle Creator converts formatted book manuscripts into Kindle format free of charge. However, it is not cloud-based so you will need a PC/Mac to use this tool.

The two major drawbacks of Kindle Create are that it is a downloadable program that does not work with Chromebooks and mobile devices. It doesn’t export.ePub files, which you may need to sell books on other platforms like Smashwords and Draft2Digital. It is specifically designed for Kindle format ebooks to sale on Amazon KDP.

3. An e-Book Conversion Tool is available for Authors and Readers

Only e-books that are in Amazon’s proprietary format can be viewed on Kindle devices. This doesn’t mean that you can only sell or purchase Kindle format ebooks through Amazon. You can convert a variety of document and ebook files to Kindle book format using file conversion tools. This tool is great for both:

  • Readers who wish to convert e-books from another format than Kindle files that are compatible with Kindle readers
  • Businesses and writers who wish to convert word processing documents to Kindle format for distribution on Amazon, on their own website or a free e-book or library websites.

There are two options available to convert files to Kindle books format, regardless of your reasons — personal reading or wider distribution —

Convertio Free File Converter

  • Cost – Free
  • Platforms: Online cloud-based

Convertio can convert both existing ebook files and document files into a variety of e-book formats including Kindle format.

Convertio, a free online tool for file conversions, converts various documents and e-book files to Kindle files. It is very simple to use and extremely fast. After conversion, you can download the Kindle book format files to a computer, upload them to your website, share with marketing outlets, or save to your Kindle via a USB cable or emailing.

Calibre File Conversion Software

  • Cost – Free
  • Platforms – Desktop, Mac, Linux, and Mobile

Calibre is a long-standing product that does a lot. However, it also has a steep learning curve.

Calibre, a free open-source software that allows e-book authors to convert manuscripts to Kindle book format. It can also be used by readers who want to save e–book files to Kindle or other formats. Calibre, a popular and free Kindle format file converting tool, has a steep learning curve and a primitive interface compared with the other e-book converter options. Calibre is loved by both authors and avid readers because it has many unique conversion features.


You can save e-books in Kindle format using many tools. Convertio, which is a free tool that allows you to convert files for distribution or reading, is the best. If you are creating an e book from scratch, however, you can spend many days downloading, exploring and trying different e-book formatting and writing tools.

We’ve found the easiest and most cost-effective way to create an e-book for Kindle. This will save you time, effort, and frustration. Our solution is free and works on any device, computer or mobile.

How to Save and Create Kindle Books in a Easiest Format

These are foolproof and totally free ways to create and save ebooks and other documents in Kindle format. The following solutions will allow you to create a finished e book in Kindle format, no matter if you are starting from scratch or working with a manuscript. Did we mention that every tool is completely free?

Start from Scratch? Start with Scratch?

Your e-book can be written in any writing tool that you are most comfortable with. If you don’t want to choose, Google Docs or Reedsy are both free, cloud-based and mobile-friendly and easy to use. You can skip the next section if you have already completed your manuscript. This will show you how to make it available for publication. If you don’t have a completed manuscript, we recommend ReedsyGoogle Docs to write the first stage.

How to use Reedsy to Create an e-Book

You can use Reedsy to create e-book-specific documents. It is easy to use, has a clean interface, and takes only five minutes to learn. Reedsy has a help bar for any questions and a chat function. You can also use both editing and writing modes. This allows you to protect your work.

Reedsy has a simple interface, intuitive screens and both writing and editing modes to track changes made by you or your editor.

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How to use Google Docs to Create an e-Book

You can use your content for multiple purposes such as an ebook, blog post, or white paper. Google Docs allows you to format, comment, and collaborate with others.

Google Docs makes it easy to create copy, header, and image layouts. There is also a comment feature that allows you to make notes and remind you as you write.

Google Docs, Google’s cloud-based word processor software, is free and can be used by both individuals and teams. Google Docs is easy to use and saves automatically. It tracks versions, creates outline, and allows you to share a document easily with collaborators or editors. It also has built-in headers that can be used to organize your document or create a table-of-content for your electronic book.

Google Doc’s built in header structure makes it easy to create headings and/or subheads for your e-book.

Is your Manuscript Complete? Complete the Manuscript

Reedsy will automatically format your e book as you write it. If you have written your manuscript in Google Docs, Microsoft Word or another word processing software, you can copy it and paste it into Reedsy to format your ebook.

We copied and pasted a 7,000-word Google Doc manuscript into Reedsy in about five minutes and maintained every formatting element perfectly.

We copied and pasted an eight-chapter, 7,000-word document from Google Docs to Reedsy in five minutes. It was flawless. All of our headers, images and bullets were unchanged. Reedsy is a great solution for writers looking to quickly create, format, and publish a Kindle e-book.

Reedsy does not have an import feature, but they promise it is on the horizon. Copy-and-paste is currently the only way to import a document from outside into Reedsy. It was however, quick and easy to use, and it is very accurate in terms of formatting.

Are you ready to publish? Reedsy allows you to export your e-book

Once your ebook has been edited, the cover art uploaded, and you have entered your back and front matter, it’s time to export your file.

Use Reedsy to save a Kindle Format ebook

Reedsy allows you to choose your file format, as well as a few others, then click Export. Your e-book will be saved and is ready for distribution.

Exporting your e-book files is easy, just like everything else on Reedsy. Click Export on the export screen. Reedsy exports a.ePub file. It doesn’t export the Kindle files directly. Amazon KDP can accept.ePub files, and converts them automatically to Kindle format when your book is uploaded to Amazon.

KDP automatically converts various files to Kindle format, but an .ePub file created in a tool like Reedsy provides a consistent and seamless conversion.

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Amazon automatically converts e book files into Kindle format. Reedsy, along with Scrivener and other ebook creator tools, exports the.ePub file to Amazon and handles the conversion. The results have been perfect, as you can see from the Kindle preview of the Reedsy-created.ePub files that we uploaded to Amazon.

After uploading your .ePub file to Amazon KDP, the Kindle previewer shows you how your e-book will appear on various Kindle devices.

Are You Not Intent to Sell Your eBook on Amazon?

You can also create an e-book by following the above steps and save it as a Kindle file without having to upload it to Amazon. Use the Convertio file convertor described above. You can download the completed.ePub file from Reedsy to your computer.

Once your e-book is exported in Reedsy, you can download the file and share, sell, or distribute however you wish.

Upload it to Convertio and save it as a Kindle Then, upload the Kindle format e book to your author website. Or share it via email and social media marketing to clients or readers.

Convertio turns your .ePub files into Kindle format files if you want to distribute them to Kindle users outside of Amazon.

The bottom line

Different reasons people use Kindle format e book files. It is used by authors to publish e-books on Amazon KDP and to distribute Kindle-friendly e books outside of Amazon’s Kindle Sales System. As marketing tools, businesses can distribute Kindle-format e-books or presentations to their customers. Non-Amazon e–book files can be converted into Kindle format so that readers can read them on their Kindle devices.

There are many ways to save an e book in Kindle format. However, some tools are easier to use and more accessible than others. Reedsy is the easiest e-book author tool. It’s free, cloud-based and mobile-friendly, and provides everything an e book writer needs. Amazon KDP The Kindle Creator makes it easy to convert word processing documents. Convertio’s Free Kindle File Converter is the best choice for basic e-book conversions.