Dropshipping Automation

Do you want to automate dropshipping? It’s possible.

Spark Shipping is one example. They are experts in connecting your ecommerce platform (BigCommerce), and dropshippers.

Shark Shipping automates orders, inventory quantities, and tracking data between BigCommerce (or the dropshipper) if the dropshipper supports it.

FAQs about Dropshipping Suppliers

What’s the dropshipping supply chains?

Dropshipping is often a tedious and long process.

The product is first produced at the manufacturing level. At this point, it is at its lowest price.

The product is then stocked by an initial wholesaler who usually marks up the price before making the product available for dropshipping.

The product is then often transferred to another wholesaler who may mark it up even more or act if it has been directly received from the manufacturer.

After the product has been purchased, it is stocked by you (the wholesaler), before reaching its final destination: The end consumer.

Please note that delivery times can vary depending on dropshipping suppliers. Some companies offer expedited shipping.

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Do dropshippers get free?

Yes. You can get dropshippers for free in general and niche categories.

Some dropshippers charge monthly or yearly fees, but most will only ask for the cost of shipping the product to the customer.

Some companies may add shipping fees or charges.

Is dropshipping legal?

It is legal. You should also be familiar with the trademark and counterfeit laws in your area to make sure that your dropshipping supplier does not cross any lines with other branded products.

Is dropshipping profitable?

Dropshipping can make merchants money. Dropshipping allows you to sell products directly to customers, without having to incur huge running costs as wholesalers. Dropshipping is more profitable than other business models due to its low cost.

Is it possible to pay dropshipping companies using a credit card?

Yes. You might be required to pay with a credit card first.

Is it possible to dropship on Amazon?

Dropshipping is possible on Amazon. Your business must adhere to Amazon’s dropshipping policies . This includes being the seller-of-record for your products and identifying yourself as such on all packing slips and invoices. Your business must accept and process customer returns.

Fulfillment by amazon (FBA), is an alternative to dropshipping suppliers.

Is it possible to dropship on eBay?

Dropshipping is possible on eBay. It is however a highly competitive market and it can be difficult to make big profits.

How do dropship suppliers handle returns?

You will need to obtain a Return merchandise Authorization (RMA) form your supplier to return the item. This allows your customer to ship the product back to your address.

To make the customer service process as smooth as possible, ensure you have all information about your items.

After the item has been shipped and received by you, the supplier will issue a refund and you will reimburse the customer.

You should be aware of any additional fees, such as a restocking fee, that your dropshipper may charge.