Get more customers with Pinterest and Google Shopping

Visibility is crucial to your business’ success, whether you are a veteran shop owner or just starting to list products online. You should aim to reach as many customers as possible at the right time and place – when they are actively shopping.

A physical storefront that saw heavy foot traffic was the best way to draw shoppers before the internet. You might then hope to attract more attention to your store through advertising in magazines, newspapers or television.

Although the same outlets exist, the Internet has allowed stores to compete for customers and attract attention in new places. Many store owners feel tempted to register for every one, even though there is a lower barrier than TV or magazine ads.

Each opportunity brings with it more work and more hours. Marketing professionals recommend that you focus your efforts on mastering one platform instead of trying to be everywhere.

Google Shopping and Pinterest are two of the most effective platforms to find new customers in retail. They require constant effort and dedication to produce profitable results. With the help of two powerful WooCommerce extensions, Google Product feed and Pinterest For WooCommerce, you can sync your online shop with Google Shopping and Pinterest from your WooCommerce dashboard. You don’t need to log into each store individually.

Let’s look at these extensions to see how you can get your products noticed on Pinterest and Google Shopping.

New Shoppers Reached by Google Product Feed

Google Ads lets marketers advertise their products or services whenever users search for related keywords. Advertisements can be made for almost any product or service – including software, travel experiences and car insurance.

Google Shopping was created specifically for retailers. When a user searches for “red running shoes”, a list will be displayed with descriptions and prices. Shop owners pay for these placements to get customers to their stores. These ads can be used to attract customers regardless of the product you sell.

You will need a Google Merchant account to advertise on Google Shopping. There are many steps that you need to take before you can advertise on Google Shopping. You can read more about this process.

After your Google Shopping account has been activated, import all your product information, including pricing, images, descriptions, and descriptions. This can be difficult if you have many products or are just starting out.

This is why the Google Product Feed extension has such value.

It integrates your WooCommerce shop with Google Shopping and allows you to sell products via search directly from your store without needing to know the many details of Google Shopping.

The extension works in the same way with Bing Merchant Center if you wish to expand beyond Google.

This feed is a live feed. Any product changes (e.g., an updated description or a limited-time discount) will be automatically displayed in your Google Shopping ads.

Google Product feed connects to product ratings and reviews. It will automatically collect reviews from your WooCommerce store, and include them in your Google Shopping ads.

Learn more:

Read user reviews and get technical information about Google Product Feed.

Connect with Potential Clients on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great way to build relationships with customers through your online store. Pinterest functions as a social media platform but is more like a search engine. Users search for inspiration and topics rather than scrolling through feeds.

Potential customers can promote your business online, which is one of the greatest benefits of eCommerce websites. If they pin your products, anyone who follows them will see them. These pins will not be considered marketing because they are from someone else’s account. Pinterest boards can be viewed as product reviews or referrals.

What kind of opportunities does Pinterest offer?

  • 87% Pinners purchased a product through Pinterest, and 93% of Pinners used it to plan for a future purchase.
  • 67% of Pinners refer to Pinterest while shopping in physical shops via their mobile devices.
  • 83% of Pinterest users identify as females, so this tool is perfect if you’re looking for a targeted audience for your business!
  • Every month, Pinterest is used by 150 million people.

Pinterest is a powerful social media platform, as you can see. You want your products to be found by someone searching for inspiration in outfits, wedding decor, and creative gift ideas.

The Pinterest extension for WooCommerce connects your online shop to Pinterest. It syncs all your product details and makes it easy add products to your Pinterest account.

How Pinterest for WordPress Makes Your Products See

One of the greatest benefits of Pintrest for WooCommerce? It’s extremely efficient. Your entire product range can be listed on Pinterest while your marketing team is busy eating lunch. It’s so easy and quick.

Your goal is to make people see your products, and pin them to their boards once they have been Pinned. This can be done in part by adding a Save button to your product images. It’s easy with WooCommerce. Simply click a button to turn it on.

Your WooCommerce store will automatically add new products to Pinterest. Every pin will include a link to the product and not the category. This is so important. You can instantly purchase your product if someone clicks on the pin and likes it.

Pinterest for WordPress greatly simplifies the Pin management process. Instead of manually updating each product pin when there are changes, details such as product name, price and description are automatically updated. You also have the option to choose which product photos to be displayed on Pinterest. You have complete control over the outcome!

The Pinterest tag allows you to track data so that you can see how Pinterest users interact. This will allow you to track the number of visitors who make purchases and those who visit other pages on your website. You can also measure your Return on Ad Spend (RoAS), and how successful your Pins promotion is.

This extension allows you to connect your store with Pinterest. It will allow you to take advantage of all the available opportunities and save time managing the details.

Learn more about Pinterest for WooCommerce.

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Follow up with custom-designed emails

You’ll need a way to effectively reach your customers through email as your customer base expands from your efforts on Pinterest and Google Shopping. Even if you are not sending marketing messages, professional-looking receipts and purchase information can help to increase brand affinity and customer loyalty.

The WooCommerce email customizer extension allows you to create more visually appealing emails for your customers. To better reflect the brand personality of your store, you can easily change the design of your email. You don’t need to know any coding!

This tool can be used to follow up on new customers that you find via Google or Pinterest. You can use this tool in conjunction with the Following-Ups extension to quickly notify your customers about your latest sale or keep them informed on all your company’s recent events.

Email marketing is an effective way to increase repeat sales. Many retailers offer amazing deals on Pinterest or Google Shopping to attract first-time customers. Then they use email marketing to convert them into loyal, long-term customers.

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