To attract new and returning customers, use events and wacky holidays

Marketing is about getting people to look for solutions to problems. What happens if they find your eCommerce website and you have nothing to offer them?

Simply having “news” to share is one of the most effective marketing strategies. People will pay attention to a timely and new message if they have the opportunity.

How do you find relevant news to increase sales?

Events for Entertainment and Sports at Local Levels (or Nationally)

Community events include sports events. They are talked about by many. They get together and buy tickets at the Football Ticket Pad to see their favorite team. They watch the stories of local teams and players. Sometimes, sports can be correlated with regional or national pride.

Your business may be able to tap into these emotions depending on the industry. This can be extremely powerful if there is a local connection such as a tennis player in your area who makes it to Wimbledon or an event at the Pan American Games where your country expects success.

Looking for a business event planner, then check out this post about corporate event planner in DC for more info!

There are several well-known events in mid-year sport that offer eCommerce marketing opportunities.

  • MLB All-Star Game
  • Wimbledon
  • NFL Season Kickoff
  • Tour de France
  • Pacific Games (South Pacific Islands).
  • British Open (golf)
  • Pan American Games
  • Summer X Games
  • US Open (tennis).
  • FIBA Basketball World Cup

You can find a longer list of sporting events from all over the globe here.

Remember that you don’t need to win to make sales with sports events. Sports appeal is not only about the results, but also the stories. You can reap huge rewards if you find a way to link your business and the stories of major sporting events.

The Jordan shoe brand, for instance, released a new sneaker during the 2018 NBA All-Star Game. It was only available to those who lived within a certain radius of the Staples Center Los Angeles, where the game was taking place.

The product was sold in just 23 minutes due to its exclusivity and hyper-targeting.

Targeted sales opportunities are also possible with other entertainment events such as film festivals, local music festivals, movies, TV shows and specific movies.

How can you make your eCommerce business more successful by taking advantage of local or national events?

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Crazy Holidays and Months

Are you looking for something to promote your eCommerce business in the coming months? You might find a strange holiday that you can tie to your business. You can still go to the US for major holidays such as Labor Day or July 4th, but you should not do so if it is back-to-school week. You probably should.

What about July 6th, International Kissing Day? These are some other ideas:

  • July 2nd – World UFO Day
  • July 7th – Tell the Truth Day
  • July 12th – Simplicity Day
  • July 28th – Milk Chocolate Day

These are great ideas for August if July seems too early to start planning.

  • August 2nd – International Beer Day
  • Aug 13th – Left Handers Day
  • Aug 21st – Spumoni Day
  • Aug 31st – Eat Outside Day

July is Ice Cream Month. If you are in finance, July is Bank Account Bonus Month.

Do you own a salon? August is Anti-Frizz Month. It is also Peach Month, Inventor’s Month.

Where to find unusual holidays and months

There are so many funny holidays and months that you can capitalize on. Complete lists of bizarre holidays can be found on Days and Date.

7 eCommerce Marketing Strategies For Events and Wacky Holidays

What can you do online this summer to share stories, create news and draw attention to eCommerce?

These are seven strategies that you can use to increase your eCommerce sales.

1. Use stories that are relevant to your audience

They don’t necessarily have to be true stories. There are some great ads featuring fictional characters. Others use mascots. You can and should also use customer testimonials and case studies. Tell stories that resonate with people who are looking for the products you sell.

Yard furniture businesses can easily identify themselves with any sporting event. “Watch the games outdoors in our furniture.”

With a little bit more brain power, almost any eCommerce business can connect with a cultural event. Even a tax preparation company can be connected with a cultural event. These are some quick stories that we came up with using sports marketing to promote a tax preparation service.

  • Professional athletes also need tax help to keep their heads above water.
  • After signing his $330million contract, how much tax will Harper have to pay? It would be much less if he was working with us.

Relevance. News. Attention. Attention. All of these things relate to storytelling. Storytelling is about having something to share with your audience.

2. Make special products for these events and days

This is how Jordan’s example illustrates it. They made a shoe almost nobody could buy. Why? It allowed them to increase the price and create buzz. They created a story and used social media to target exclusivity and targeted customers. This helped them skyrocket the demand.

For some businesses, this type of campaign requires advance planning. For others, however, all you need is to add a new item to your eCommerce site or rename an existing product.

3. Participate in the Event

Find a way to participate in local events, especially. Participate. Your business should be a destination or stopover that people enjoy visiting during their event planning.

This is what an eCommerce company can do. An eCommerce trend that is growing is to combine your online and physical stores. Most businesses do not view them as separate entities.

Many businesses that began solely online have now opened physical shops.

You could offer eCommerce specials to encourage people to come to your event and claim a prize or bonus. You can also offer an exclusive online deal to everyone who attends the event, so they can access it right from their phones.

Your eCommerce store should not be kept apart from your physical presence. It can be both/and and not one/or.

4.Create well-targeted Facebook or Google Ads

WooCommerce has special extensions that allow you to create online ads and social media posts for your eCommerce marketing.

The Facebook extension allows you to track conversions, optimize, retarget and optimize using the Facebook Pixel. The Google Ads extension also allows you geo-target Google Ads and target specific product categories.

Once you have a story about a holiday, an event, or another relevant topic in people’s lives, your marketing campaign can be built around it.

This will make you more successful if your ads are connected to landing pages that are specifically designed for the offer, not just your home page.

5. Run a Targeted Sale

Marketing is all about the offer. Events and holidays are wonderful.

Perhaps you are looking to have a sale that closes quickly. You might have a product that is only available for a short time, and therefore cannot be restocked.

Amazon is a popular option for such situations. WooCommerce has created an Amazon extension for businesses that sell through Amazon. This extension will help customers stay on your website even if they shop through Amazon. You can convert between currencies with this extension.

You won’t lose Amazon customers, and you’ll still be able to benefit from the Amazon systems that so many people are familiar with.

6. Make Coupon Campaigns

In the past few years, eCommerce coupons have seen a surge in popularity. You want to be a part of the party?

There are many ways to offer special coupons:

  • Sales Discount: 5%
  • Sales Discounts in Dollar
  • Shipping Free
  • Bulk Discounts
  • Gift certificates

It is much easier to create unique one-time offers with eCommerce than it is with a printed campaign. And, WooCommerce has developed several coupon extensions. These 12 ways you can use Smart Coupon extension. A special extension was also developed that allows you to give a free gift with an online order.

To close more holiday and special event sales, use coupon specials

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7. Enjoy Exclusive Experiences at Premium Rates

People love coupons and they are wonderful. What about making more money?

As more businesses discover the power of experience-based marketing to generate new revenues, it has become increasingly popular.

This is because while many products may have a perceived value, it’s much more difficult to define the monetary value of an experience.

We all know the price of beer. On August 2, International Beer Day, we all know how much a beer should cost. But what about a group of 10 who would like to be given a private, one-of-a-kind tour of your brewery by the CEO or a celebrity? Then, they can attend an exclusive after party with free samples and a DJ. For something like this, there is no set price. People will pay $2500, $3500 or $7500 for something like this.

If you sell it to the right people, you can charge thousands of dollars for such an experience and make a vacation into a huge cash cow.